“Jesus Toby”

By David Bartlett

"Hip-Hop Fan"

Toby McGeehan a.k.a. Tobymac, is a Christian artist. He sings a mixture of Rap, Hip-Hop, and a little bit of rock. He was inspired when he fell in love with hip-hop and saw how much people got moved at a concert of a favorite Band. He became a Christian when he was twelve years old. Here’s the story!

“Impact Initiative”

At the age of 12, Toby hated church. Even so, his mom dragged him there every Sunday. Yikes!? Although, he hid behind the church with a group of friends during the service. One day, 1 of the church’s youth leader’s named Harold took an interest in Toby!? Harold often talked to Toby and his friends to ask them about their lives.

Camping Treatment to Punishment to Relationment

One day, Harold invited them to a “church camp”. Toby thought it was a sport’s camp because Harold didn’t specify what kind of camp it was. Every night, Harold asked the group a lot of questions; all about their lives! One night, after some “late night” thinking, Toby laid in his sleeping bag awake because he couldn’t sleep. He wanted to have a relationship with Jesus!!!!! He didn’t know how he could. Finally, he got up and went to talk to Harold. Harold prayed with Toby and that was the making of a “Jesus Freak” a.k.a. “Jesus Toby”. That’s when Toby McGeehan a.k.a. Tobymac, launched his career and started following Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!