Fiction Smore Newsletter

By : Coleman Reich

General Article

Thank you Ma'am

What had happened one afternoon was a kid wanted a pair of new tennis shoes. Then suddenly this women walked by with a nice looking purse in her arms. He needed the money, so he decided he was going to steal her purse. When he attempted to, she grabbed a hold of him and made him pick the purse up..... She ended up taking him home feeding him, and giving him the money that he needed to buy the shoes he had so badly been wanting and asking him why didn't he just ask for the money.

Sports Article

Amigo Brothers

The Fight Review

This had been what everyone was waiting for, the "Main Event". This fight started off like the two brothers had never met before. Close after the second round bell rang, it was already a battle for that top spot to earn the huge trophy everyone had been talking about. During preparation for this fight, they both put in months of hard work to be the best and win. After the final bell had rang, they left the ring arm in arm ,not caring who won because they were both winners as far as they were concerned.
As fast as both of them came in to the picture, they were gone just like that! When a reporter interviewed them, one of them said, "There both winners no matter what anyone said".

Crime Report

After 20 Years

Crime Report

Jimmy was a wanted criminal. He had robbed banks and stolen tons of money. When a policeman saw him, he recognized him as a old childhood buddy. Jimmy was the one that had a reputation of a bad guy. The police had been looking for Jimmy for years. Since the policeman knew Jimmy, he went to another policeman and told him where he was so he could arrest him. He gave the policeman a note to give to Jimmy. He wanted to tell him he didn't want to arrest him. They had made a deal twenty years earlier to meet at a restaurant to talk about old times. Things had changed, but he was not going to go back on his promise. Friends have bonds and cannot break the link.


An Hour With Abuelo

Abuelo was born in 1877 and died in 1957. He became a school teacher right out of high school. In those days, you did not need a college degree to become a teacher.
Abuelo loved to teach in his one-room school house. He grew up in Puerto Rico, then moved to a nursing home in Brooklyn, New York where he lived the rest of his life. He was drafted into the army and fought in the Spanish-American War.
Teaching never left his mind through all those tough years. He even endured a tragedy when his brother was killed by a bomb in the same war. When the war was over, he couldn't wait the get back to teaching. He taught many children through the years until his health failed him and that is when he was moved into a nursing home.
He spent his last days still trying to teach and do what he loved. He also loved telling stories to his grand kids.

Letter/ Reply

From the story Zebra

Dear John Wilson,

I hope you are doing well. We miss you here in our school.
I know you went back to your hometown, but I'd like you to come back next summer and teach art for all of us again if you can manage it.
Our school really needs it...I need it too. It opened me up socially after my car accident. I had always loved running, but art is how I can still run even though I am recovering. Your life has inspired me to keep dreaming and doing my best. The art classes came into my life at just the right time.

Your Friend,

Dear Adam,

I am taking your letter into consideration, I will make arrangements to follow though with teaching that same summer art class. I am glad you found inspirations in my teachings. I am fond of hearing that you like art now. In my years of teaching art, I have loved it too. Even though losing my arm while being a pilot got depressing, art is how I got back on tract and back on my feet.
Keep drawing!!!

Your Friend,
Mr. Wilson