Ocean Acidification!

Group 6: Brieanna, Heather, Millie, Aj

What is ocean acidification?

Acidification of the ocean refers to the decrease of pH in the ocean over a larger period of time. The decrease in pH is all because of the large amount of carbon dioxide coming from the atmosphere. The graph below shows the high amount of pH in our oceans compared to the low amount of just sea water.
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How to stop it!

  • You want to help save your environment and the ocean? Well here are a few tips for all Americans. One choice is a more efficient vehicle; another option is to replace your lightbulbs with CFL’s (or the swirly light bulbs). A third eco-friendly tip, would be to have gardens and and to “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”; one more tip would be to buy fish and other marine life that are abundant in the ocean, instead of animals that are quickly declining in population. ("Ocean Acidification." - What You Can Do. Web. 27 May 2015.) In the study hybrid electric cars prove how they can help the environment; by providing better gas mileage, and lower CO2 levels.


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