SGE Summer Update

Monday, June 8th, 2015

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Friendly Reminders of ZCS *FREE* PD This Summer!

*Make sure to register under PD Express!*

Wed. June 10th - Words Their Way: How to Get the Most Out of this Instructional Tool
  • 8am - 12pm
  • Boone Meadow Elementary
  • Presenter: Tom Hundley
  • No lunch provided. Those attending will be eligible to order additional classroom materials to support their use of Words their Way next year.
  • Tom will help explain the research base and best practices for using these materials with all of your students for word study and maximum student growth.

Mon. June 15 & Tues. June 16th - PBL: Bringing Innovation to Schools

  • 9am - 3pm
  • ESC
  • Presenters: Dan Layton and Chris Squier
  • Lunch on your own
  • Are you looking to add some true innovation to your classroom next year? Do you want to help give more ownership of learning back to students in an authentic way? Then please join us! Chris & Dan will define the difference between thematic projects, PBL, Inquiry and Genius Hour. We are all in different places on the continuum of student agency. This workshop helps to both introduce interested novices to the power of PBL + allow advanced practitioners time and assistance to fine-tune ideas and ambitions for next year.
  • Day 1 AM - Learning from the experts
  • Day 1 PM - Lessons learned from those in the trenches
  • Day 2 AM - Co-planning the structure of PBL in your classroom
  • Day 2 PM - Feedback and support for the year

June and July Summer Technology Professional Development

  • WOW! There are a ton of June/July PD from Technology.
  • There are too many to list, but click here to view the document with full details!

Tues. August 4th - National Geographic Online Training

  • 8:30 - 10:30am, for Grade K-4
  • SGE - Email with further details will be sent in early August
  • Presenters: Associates from National Geographic
  • Teachers, please note: You’ll need to be able to log into your resources for the training. If you don't have/remember your NG Online access information, Carla has requested you simply email her or call her directly
  • Email:
  • Cell: 317-753-5247
  • Training will include a walkthrough of the online resources from both the Educator Portal and the Student Portal.
  • Educator Portal:

    Teacher’s eEdition, Lesson Planner, Presentation Tool, Digital Library, Interactive Whiteboard Lessons, Resource Directory, Assignments, Announcements, Professional Development, eAssessment, Comprehension Coach, User Management Console – Class Management, NG Kids and NG Explorer Link
  • Student Portal: Student eEdition, Games, Resources, Digital Library, My Assignments, eAssessments – My Tests, Comprehension Coach, My Reports

Please Welcome the Newest Members of our SGE Family!

Staff Restroom Donations . . . please consider!

Staff, it's the little things that make our days at school a bit brighter! Last year, we had the generous donation of a parent that supplied our staff restrooms with mints, feminine products, fresh-scented hand soaps, and air fresheners! It would be difficult for any one person to maintain these products in our staff restrooms. However, if we collectively donated these items, WE could maintain them! So, should you notice any wonderful sale/clearance items of any of the items listed above, we would appreciate some being donated to SGE! Please simply give to Allison Maxey and the office staff will keep them secure and will replace them throughout the year, as needed! Thank you for this consideration!

Calendar Items & Friendly Reminders

Tues. 6/9

  • 4PM - All End of Year Checklists are due to the main office
  • 4PM - Deadline to upload your SLO information into SFS

Fri. 6/12

  • DON'T FORGET - Staff Survey closes @ 4PM!
  • If you need the link for the survey, please click here.

Wed. 6/17

  • NEW custodial vendor, ABM, starts today.
  • Sodexo's contract will expire on Tuesday, June 16th
  • So . . . what does this mean for us? Since we are in transition, we will need to be a bit more patient with the cleaning schedule and what exactly will be happening. As soon as I find out ANY details regarding cleaning/waxing of areas and/or times that you cannot come in, I will let you know ASAP. I understand the frustration of trying to schedule your time to come in to work and only to discover you can't enter your room because the carpet is wet!

2015-2016 SGE Master Calendar! If you'd like to add any in any special events (even if they are NOT yet 100% confirmed) to our Master Calendar, please click here to access it and to b able to add in your dates/information. THANK YOU!

Here are our beautiful birthday friends for the months of June and July!


9 - Terri Clayton

15 - Sarah Daniels


5 - Suzanne Mastin

18 - Alison Maxey

25 - Katie Delp

31 - Ryan LaPlante

Summer Smiles . . . Just Because

These are hysterical! There are about five or six of these videos but I wanted to share the first one. They are two 30 year cousins lip syncing a conversation between their moms, who are sisters . . . I have this strange feeling this will be me and my sister - post-retirement! :-)
Sisters Episode 1: Strawberries {The Kloons}