No Teacher Left Behind

Teaching for the Future

Learning Opportunities for Teachers

it is important for teachers to attend trainings and seminars to be familiar with the latest strategies and methods to strengthen teaching techniques in the classroom. I feel it is evenly important for teachers to gain knowledge to effectively execute lesson plans to stimulate students to learn. When incorporating and learning new strategies in the classroom, administrators should make sure that teachers have the necessary materials to be successful. If teachers feel supported in and outside the classroom, they will more like project that positive energy to their students.

Teachers use certain practices across the country

I do believe that teachers should use certain practices across the country. However, they should be allowed to include their creativity in presenting the information to their students. Acquiring advanced math concepts would be a subject area to impose certain practices in every public classroom.

Teachers have consistent standards

I believe that implementing ISTE standards in every public school should be a priority. If they are not, students will not be well prepared for future jobs. When students are learning 21st century skills as well as technology, they will strive triumphantly in our global economy.