The Gulf coast Prairies and Marshes

located on the south east coast of texas (Gulf of Mexico)

Here is some information on this ecoregion:

This ecoregion is located pretty much on the coast of Texas, but it does stretch a ways north into Texas. More towards the gulf you see lots of marshes, but as you travel more west you see prairies and grasslands. Some major rivers are the San Jacinto river, the Trinity river and also the Brazos river. It is also right on the Gulf of Mexico. Coyotes, Alligators, Pelicans, and even Bull frogs are all native animals to this ecoregion. More animals along the coast include Shrimp, Blue crab, and Spotted sea trout. Lots of streams and rivers that take up this region flow into the Gulf of Mexico. Rainfall here varies from 20 to 50 inches per year. Just like other parts of Texas it is very hot here. But it is also very humid. Native plants in this area are mesquite, live oaks, prickly pear, and acacias. The principal prairie grasses include big bluesmen and also seacoast bluesmen. This ecoregion also includes some lakes, such as Lake Texoma, Lake Jackson, and even some lakes near the city Houston such as Lake Conroe.

Places to visit in this ecoregion:

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Gulf coast prairie and marshes ecoregion vacations info:

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Historical information:

The gulf coast prairie and marshes ecoregion has many historical places. One important place is San Jacinto near Houston. An important battle for Texas independence was fought there in 1836. Galveston is an island which contains many historical landmarks. Examples are the bishop's palace which is an important Victorian residence. Otherimportant buildings in Galveston are the 1894 grand opera house, and the strand.Port Isabel has the port Isabel lighthouse which is was important during the civil war.
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