By: Ashley Gomez

General info on winds:

Wind is the movement of air. Wind always moves from a area of high pressure to and area of low pressure. The ifferences in air pressure are caused by how much an area is heated. Warm air has less pressure than cooler air.The name of the wind tells you where the wind is coming from. Fro example a west wind blows from the west. The winds speed is measured with an anemometer.

Local winds:

Local winds are a cool little breeze that you might feel on a beach over a small area. Local winds are caused by the unequal heatings of Earths surface. There are 2 types of local winds. They are sea breezes and land breezes. A sea breeze blows from an ocean. A sea breeze happens during the day. The water is cool and more dense with low preesure while the land is warm less dense and there is high pressure. At sunset the sea breeze actually stops. With a land breezee the wind blows from the land over a lake or ocean. A land breeze actually happens at night. So then the water is warm and the land is cooler. The land breeze would stop at sunrise. Then the sea breeze would actually start again.
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The pictures you see here are sea and land breezes.

The first one you see is during the day so its a sea breeze and the last one is during the night so it is a land breeze.

Global winds.

Global winds are a type of wind that blows over large distances.
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