Food Matters!

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“ Stop focusing about how MUCH food you eat, & start focusing on WHAT you eat.”

Think about it..!

With you thinking about how much you eat determines what you spend, and what you pay for is what you get.

About food matters by Mark Bittman

The author Mark Bittman asked this question “ what’s wrong with the way we eat. ” he further explains this concept in the first 2 chapters. Mark referenced a lot to the cost of food. That if we cut the cost of organic/ health foods that we would stop relying on junk food and meat.

Why food matters?

Food is very important in the human society. We need food to survive and to give us energy. However, today people are not eating healthy. Industrialized products have contributed to climate change and stimulated a fundamental change in our diets that has played a part to our being overweight, obese, and more likely to have serious problems such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes and sadly even cancer.

Healthier food access

As Mike continues to explain how we can change our lifestyles and economy was the aspect of changing our lifestyle production by doing this, it can help with the raising of animals that we use for food and it would lessen the average of how much people eat based on mass production of food. After we take these steps of changing the mass production of foods we can now focus on the moderation of what people eat daily that can start with consuming less junk food, no matter if it’s organic, and try to eat more locally.


F.A.O Organization

In comparison, FAO is one of the organizations that take it into an initiative, on this relevant and important matter. FAO is specialized an agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to defeat hunger (around ). The goal they want to achieve is, “food security for all and make sure that people have regular access to enough high-quality food to lead active healthy lives”.

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