Mrs. Waddell's Class

Fourth Grade

Important Dates

Jan. 20 & 21 - Interims

Jan. 26 - OR Jan. 29 - Mother/Son Night at Stars & Strikes (6-8 pm)

Feb. 5 - Jump Rope for Heart

Feb. 5 - Father/Daughter Dance (7-9 pm)

Feb. 11 - Valentine Exchange in class (for those that wish to give cards, etc.)

Feb. 12,15, 16- Student Holiday

Interims This Week

Students will be taking the county interim tests this week - Reading on Wednesday and Math on Thursday. The data from these tests help teachers understand what we need to review and what the students have a handle on, and scores will not be shared with parents unless necessary.

Thank You, Thank You!

Thank you all so much for the wonderful gifts and treats this past Christmas season. I was overwhelmed by your generosity, and I truly treasured the thought you all put into everything. I passed out some thank yous to your students last week, and hopefully they made it home to you! Thank you again.

Learn 2 Earn - Writing Practice for the Milestone

Our class has a subscription to Learn 2 Earn, an online reading log/question site. Hopefully you are familiar with this, at least in name; students should be answering at least one question weekly on the books they are reading. I have a few students that prefer to write it on paper, which is fine as well.

I want to stress the importance of this reading/writing practice. The Milestone test has several opportunities for the students to read a story, gather ideas and form opinions, and then put these ideas into an essay or short answer form. I firmly believe the students who have been practicing this regularly will be much better prepared. Please don't pass over this important practice!

Class Dojo

Our class seems to be loving Class Dojo! I was a little hesitant to change our system, but I think it's working out very well. The kids enjoy earning points, and any points that need to be taken away seem to stop those behaviors in their tracks. Parents can connect and see updated positive & negative behavior points online or on their phone. An email from Class Dojo was sent out two weeks ago, but if you want to see the behavior updates and need me to resend, I can do that. Just let me know! :)