Caprese Sandwhich

A delicious sandwich

History of the Caprese Sandwich

This sandwich was invented in a small town of Insalanta Caprese, Italy. It was originally made for a salad but now it comes in different forms. The Caprese Sandwich is known for its colors red, green, and white, which are the colors of the Italian flag.

How it got its name

The Caprese sandwich was named after the Italian island of Capri. This is where it originated.


  • 1 Baguette
  • 1 pound Fresh Mozzarella
  • 1 bunch Basil
  • 2 pounds Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Olive Oil (to drizzle)
  • Red Wine Vinegar (to drizzle)
  • Freshly Ground Pepper (to taste)
  • Coarse Salt (to taste)

step-by-step directions

  • Slice the baguette lengthwise.
  • Slice the heirloom tomatoes and the mozzarella into 1/2-inch-thick pieces.
  • Drizzle the baguette with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Layer the tomatoes and mozzarella on the bread, and season with salt and freshly ground pepper. Garnish with basil leaves and sandwich the slices of bread together. Cut the baguette into 4 sandwiches and serve immediately.

Caprese Poem




Rich in taste

Everything delicious



Food Groups of Caprese

There are three out of four food groups being used.

Grain: the baguette.

Dairy: mozzarella cheese.

Fruits and Vegetables: heirloom tomatoes and basil tomatoes.

1) Why is the french baguette used in most recipes? Gives a very toasty and crunchy feel to the sandwich.

2) What are the ingredients meant to stand for? the colors of the Italian flag.

3) How many sandwiches does the recipe make? 2-4

4) How did the sandwich get its name and why? named after the island of Italy, Capri

5) Who came up with the caprese sandwich and how? a man that wants to remain unknown.