Clearspring Middle School

September 2017

Principal's Message

Getting ready to open a new school year is always exciting and always new. We have new class groupings to consider, new students who are joining our school, and students will have new teachers and make new friends. As we prepare for students to come to school, we work hard to keep students at the centre of our planning. We remind ourselves at the start of every year that, every day, parents entrust us with that which they hold most precious. It is a trust and responsibility that we take very seriously. We intend for, and work toward, each student to come to school with hope and energy for learning each day.

I have been very impressed with our students this year. They are eager to volunteer for work around the school, they have a positive attitude, and treat one another with respect. Problems are sure to arise, but when we begin with a solid foundation, finding the solutions to the problems becomes easier.

Clearspring Middle School has adopted the Hanover School Division focus of Deeper Learning. What we mean by Deeper Learning has been well summarized by our Superintendent, Mr. Randy Dueck:

[T]he phrase Deeper Learning can mean almost anything, what do we mean when we say Deeper Learning? We mean a clear focus on learning those essential skills, dispositions, knowledge and values. We mean more relevance, more rigor, more curiosity, more connections, more questions, more clarity, more community, more preparation for a digital world, and even more adventure. And we mean deeper academic engagement, social engagement, emotional engagement and intellectual engagement. After all of our work on Our Kid we have identified eight deep learning competencies, all eight of which we have identified as essential for “Our Kid” to flourish. To be a Learner, Critical Thinker, Communicator, Collaborator, Literate, Creative, and to exhibit good Citizenship and Character.

Clearspring Middle School has made a strong commitment to being the best middle school we can be. We use as our guide sixteen characteristics of a successful middle school as outlined by the Association of Middle Level Educators (AMLE). In addition to that, we have made a promise to our community, which is printed elsewhere in this newsletter. We intend to keep our promise, and invite parents to engage with us as we seek to help all students learn at the highest levels possible.

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Changes at CMS

Some changes to note for this school year are staff changes (listed elsewhere and on our website - just further down on this page) and our school day schedule changes. We have created slightly longer breaks for Grades 7 & 8, and have added morning and afternoon recess for Grades 5 & 6. In addition to that, we have adjusted our school schedule to make the morning a little longer, and the afternoon a little shorter. For many parents, this may mean that your child will want to eat a more substantial snack at recess, and if you are planning a lunch-time pick-up, our lunch hour now begins at 12:17 and ends at 1:12.

We are looking forward to a great school year!

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Important September Dates

Wednesday, September 6th - First Day of Classes

Thursday, September 7th - Picture Day

Monday, September 11th - First Note Night

Friday, September 15th - Strong Connections

Monday, September 18th - Strong Connections

Friday, September 22nd - Cross Country Run #1

Tuesday, September 26th - Terry Fox Run

Wednesday September 27th - Friday, September 29th - Gr. 7's go to Cedarwood

Friday, September 29th - Cross Country Run #2

Looking into the Future

Monday, October 2nd - Orange Shirt Day

Monday, October 9th - Thanksgiving - NO SCHOOL

Thursday, October 12th - Gr. 6 Immunizations

Friday, October 20th - NO SCHOOL

Friday, October 27th - Theme Day

Monday, October 30th - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, October 31st - Gr. 6 Learning Trip

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2017-2018 CMS Staff


Principal Ed Neufeld

Vice Principal Merrilee Plett

Teaching Staff

Grade 5 Dawn Gautron

Grade 5 Elaine Kalyta

Grade 5 John Loewen

Grade 5 Sara Heese

Grade 5 Scott Reimer

Grade 5 Steven Schapansky

Grade 5 Susan Tilling

Grade 6 Alexandra Nikkel

Grade 6 Arlene Tkachuk

Grade 6 Kassandra Momotiuk

Grade 6 Kevin Storey

Grade 6 Leanne Warkentin

Grade 6 Murray Carter

Grade 7 Amanda Manchulenko

Grade 7 Belinda Massey

Grade 7 Sheldon Hiebert

Grade 7 Jennifer Rogalsky

Grade 7 Ronae Warkentine

Grade 7 Scott Johnson

Grade 8 Paul Reimer

Grade 8 Jon Kornelsen

Grade 8 Peiki Loay

Grade 8 Kevin Martens

Grade 8 Chloe Tate

Phys-Ed Trevor Paton

Band Toban Janzen

French Helen Malandrakis

Industrial Arts Neil Downie

Human Ecology Krystyna Luczak

School Counsellor Cyndy Ganz

Resource Grade 5/6 Sherrise Trinh

Resource Grade 5/6 Candace Campbell

Resource Grade 7/8 Douglas Mack

Support Staff

Office Manager Marcie Friesen

Assistant Office Manager Breanne Smart

Library Support Specialist Arlene Baldwin

Educational Assistant Amber LeRoy

Educational Assistant Laura Borsch

Educational Assistant Brenda Roeland-Binda

Educational Assistant Carrie Charriere

Educational Assistant Gwen Dueck

Educational Assistant Louella Geisheimer

Educational Assistant Katelyn Martens

Educational Assistant Dave Mensies

Educational Assistant Helen Sawatzky

Educational Assistant Frank Praetsch

Educational Assistant Ruth Sawatzky

Educational Assistant Jennifer Sierks

Educational Assistant Michael Wiebe

Educational Assistant Sharon Froese

Head Custodian Dave Friesen

Ass't Head Custodian Richard Kolesar
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