Tech Tip Tuesday

Editing Videos, Classroom Management, AEA Online Resources

Using Window Movie Maker

Some of you have requested to be video, or have been videoing yourself. But now what? There is movie editing software on your computer called Windows Movie Maker. Here is a tutorial of how to use the program.
Windows Movie Maker: How to Edit a Video - Jen Van Fleet


This extension keeps your computer from falling asleep. As someone who covers classes a lot for meetings this is a great thing to add to your computer so you don't have to worry about your computer going to sleep when you are out. Also you don't have to worry about your computer going to sleep if you are displaying something or walking around helping students. Once you download it it will pop up in your address bar. Click on the icon until it

shows a daylight.

Edutopia: Using Choices like a Game Show to Help with Classroom Management

Article on using a game show host mentality to help with student behaviors. We all know choice helps with management but here's another perspective to look at it from.

AEA Digital Library

Online Database for AEA. You can search by Grade level or topic. I searched by grade level then it showed me all the resources broken down by subject.




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