Technology Rules For Parents

By Arpan

The 10 Rules Of Texting And Driving

  1. If You have to use your cell phone, pull over the vehicle and then use it, because then you'll have your hands free, and It'll be safer for everyone else on the streets, too.
  2. You could try to get a Bluetooth to talk on when you're driving, that way you'll be less distracted, because you won't be looking at a screen.
  3. Hand-held devices are illegal to use while driving, because your attention will be kept on from the road.
  4. Turn your phone off, so that you won't get distracted and you can check all of your texts after your drive.
  5. If you are on the phone texting, and get caught by the police, you will get a fine of about $167 in B.C. and 3 penalty points.
  6. If you keep getting stopped by the authorities because of texting while driving, you could be stripped of your license.
  7. There is also no phone allowed in the passenger side of the car (or around the driver at all), because it can also make the driver lose their concentration on the road.
  8. If you get text, you can answer it with your voice, if the device your answering to ins't n your hand and is attached securely to the body or the car.
  9. If you are a new driver, it would probably be good idea not to bring you cell phone at all, because you are new to controlling a vehicle on the road.
  10. Devices that have a screen but don't necessarily have to be held to operate also aren't a good idea to have with you when you're driving, because you would be looking the screen instead of the road.

When You Text And Drive:

The Dangers And Ideas You Should Consider While Texting And Driving

  • Texting can lead to a very bad accident, because you would be distracted by the conversation you would be having on the phone.
  • Having a major accident can cost a lot. You might have to spend on your self at the hospital, and for your vehicle at the auto repair shop.
  • Not only can you get big bills from accidents, but if you get caught while texting or talking on you cell, you'll get a ticket from the police, and lose a lot of your hard earned money that way.
  • If you are doing something on the phone like talking or playing games (anything having to look at the screen) you could also get frustrated, and potentially lose your temper. From losing your temper, you could lose control of your self and accidentally drive your self into something hazardous.
  • Maybe you're eating something and texting/talking on the phone and driving? That could lead to lots of things. You could spill coffee, which also spills on your phone, you might panic, and swerve and have an accident.
  • Imagine if one of these incidents happened when your kids were with you in the vehicle.
  • A good idea is to just ignore your phone when it rings.
  • If you're going to talk on the phone, you could talk on a Bluetooth, it doesn't distract you as much, and you'll have both hands on the wheel for safe driving.
  • If you have to communicate with someone through the cell phone immediately, pull over and you can text or talk safely, hands free.
  • Driving and doing certain activities on you cell phone takes away lives ,too, not only yours but the also of the people that were caught in the same accident as you. Usually, innocent lives are taken away because of this.
  • Because of texting while driving, people that have loving families at home waiting for them, might never see them again.

The people spoken about in this video are victims of texting and driving accidents.

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