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Hello Baker Families! This Baker Bits (our school newsletter) is the first of several communications you will receive from us. You will continue to get more information from the Baker Elementary Office and from your child's teacher as we get closer to our first day of school.

Monday, August 23 - Half Day of School

Just a reminder - the first day of school for all grades at Wayland Union Schools will be Monday, August 23. Baker Elementary will dismiss at noon.


If your child WILL NOT be attending Baker Elementary this fall, please call 269-792-9208 or email at the Baker office and let us know so we can drop your child from our classroom rosters. We are trying very hard to balance each classroom. You can leave a message after hours by phone or you can email us anytime. This includes any family who has moved, or chosen to home school.

Phone calls: we ask that parents look for information on their parent portals or the WUS website before calling the school office. Most information and answers to questions can be found using these two tools. Also, joining the WEPA facebook page is also very, very helpful. The parents who volunteer with WEPA have been doing a wonderful job keeping parents up-to-date with all the changing information.


Now more than ever your parent portal is extremely important. Please make sure you are signed up for a portal and you are able to log in. If you need help accessing your username and password, you can call the Wayland Technology office at 269-792-6611.


Preparing classroom rosters is a collaborative effort amongst all teaching teams within Baker Elementary. There are many considerations taken into account when creating a cohesive space for our learners including, but not limited to:

  • personality of your child
  • personality of the teacher
  • additional services your child may receive
  • small group intervention your child may receive
  • how many boys and girls are in the class
  • academic levels of each student
  • students who should not be placed together so their focus can remain on their academic growth

This said, when a request is made, not only does it impact your child and the teacher's classroom they're moving to, but it also affects the schedule of so many other students receiving interventions, additional supports, and balance of the classroom.

Most importantly, please understand that we have the same goal - for your child to receive a strong education, in a safe and nurturing environment, while reaching their full potential.

Tentatively, parents will be able to see their child's teacher placement in their parent portal on the afternoon of Friday, August 13.

Community Preschool Families

Please let us know as soon as possible if your child will not be attending preschool. We have a waiting list for each class and are trying to accommodate as many families as possible. Also, a reminder preschool tuition is due by Aug 26, 2021. Please log into your portal to make a payment by credit card.


Baker Elementary will host Open House on Wednesday, August 18 from 5:00 - 6:00. This will include Wayland Community Preschool through 1st Grade students.

We are excited to see you!

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August 16 - Return to Learn Carnival - WUHS Parking Lot - 5:00 - 7:00

August 18 - Open House - 5-6pm only

August 23th - First Day of School - Half Day - Noon Dismissal

Sept 7 - First Day for T/Th Community Preschool (Tuition Based)

Sept 8 - First Day for Ext Day Preschool & Half Day M/W/F Preschool (Tuition Based)

Sept 15 - School Wide Pictures for Baker Elementary

Sept 20 - First Day for GSRP Preschool