Lauren Wiens

5 Themes of Meography


A particular place or position

My absolute is 45.6333° N, 94.5667° W

My relative is West of Avon East of Freeport

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An area that is defined by everything in it.

For physical features we have a tree which is cut off, bushes, rocks, grass and dirt.

For human features we have a driveway, garbage can, windows, garage door and lights.

Picture: Google Earth

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Human Environmental Interaction

How people adapt to, modify and depend on the environment. (Could be positive or negative)

We adapt by dressing up warm for the winter. We usually wear a thick jacket, hats, gloves and boots. Shorts and a T-shirt during the summer. We modify by doing landscape, like making rock beds or putting in bushes. We depend on the trees and water.


The way people/products/ideas and information move from one place to another.

I get around by riding a bike or getting a ride from my parents. Most things I have come from China. I communicate to my friends or parents from my phone by calling or texting them. Every year I go to South Dakota to visit my family. We go to places when we are there for something to do.


An area that is defined by certain characteristics unifying.

This is the Midwest. A physical feature of the Midwest is the Great Lakes and the plains. A human feature is a lot of farm land.


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