21st Century Learning - Term 3 - Week 4

New Curriculum Resources

Leanne Williamson has developed ES1, S1, S2 and S3 Science Overviews.

Convince Me - Stage 1 unit developed by Harley Walmsley.

ES1 - Make Believe, This Is Me! - Glenmore Park Learning Alliance English Units

S2 - Fantasy, Journeys - Glenmore Park Learning Alliance English Units

S3 - WW2, Rights - Persecution, Fantasy, Embracing Difference - GPLA English Units

English Resources

Main Idea - A Whoville interactive resource, which explains Main Idea.

Jolly Phonics App - Fans of Jolly Phonics may like to investigate this app, in the Spelling-Phonics section of this page.

Grammar and Punctuation Learning Intentions and Writing Learning Intentions - Debbie Ross.

Improving and Enriching Writing - Created by Karen Yager. An excellent resource. 52 pages jammed packed with ideas, links and activities.

Boom Writer - Learn about this on-line writing resource.

Grammar For Kids - Ronda Field stumbled across this site, which is a nice succinct collection.

Maths Resources

Maths Apprentice - This introduces students to real world careers by allowing them to be apprentices at various companies, applying their math skills to solve real world challenges. For the more capable S3 students.

e-Learning site - Are you looking for fresh Maths ideas? This site may provide that extra something because it contains 336 free e-learning lessons.

Nonagon clip and a super interactive Cube net, which shows 11 shapes of a cube.

Fruit Picker- A fun game to teach students about measuring angles.

Position Resources - Go George, Position and Turning, Pirates.

Mass - 2 new additions.

Other Resources

Key Boarding - Advanced Keyboarding contains 5 easy to follow modules.

Web Tools For Kids and Topics For Kids - Super sites, jammed packed with resources. : )

Webinars with Debbie Ross. New additions are Teaching Writing and Applying For a Teaching Position. Included is "Managing Your Career". Thank you for sharing Debbie.

Leanne Williamson shared an Aboriginal IWB resource and Cultures Writing Prompts.

The Bullying Solution - Alex Gollan developed this excellent resource/activities for her class.

Are you doing circuits with your class? Check out these circuit stickers.

Ampville - A great new resource for exploring Electricity.

K-6 ICT Capabilities - Developed by Glenys Goffett @ Copacabana PS

Minecraft Writing Prompt

Have You Missed?

Focus on Reading Livebinder created by Narelle Adams.

Guided Reading - Debbie Ross Webinar

Online Readers or E Readers or Online Stories. This page contains an exhaustive list of excellent online readers. Link them into your current unit, play one during Fruit Break or as a lesson breaker. Lots of fun, high engagement value and great discussion stimuli.

Virtual Dice - 6-12 sided dice which you can customise.

Classroom Self Registration PPTs - ideal for ES1-S1.

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