Political Spectrum

By: Logan Pauly


For one out of the three quizzes I took, I was considered a moderate which puts me in the center of the political spectrum.
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I agree with democrats as far as gay marriage goes but I agree with the republicans that there shouldn't be gun control.

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Where Am I?

After the results of the quizzes, I would consider myself be to a little to the right on the political spectrum. In between conservative and moderate.

Current Issues

Abortion- I stand with Republicans (Pro-life)

Gun Control-I stand with Republicans (Less gun control)

Taxes-I stand with Republicans (Lower taxes)

Gay Marriage-I stand with Democrats (Pro-choice)

Illegal Immigrants-I stand with Republicans (More secure borders)


For the second and third quiz I took, I was considered a republican. Closer to the conservatives but not as far as the far right.