GMS Parent 101 Workshop

10/29/19 Open House Resources Toolkit

Thank you for suggesting topics for our Fall 2019 open house and for attending with your child. Your continued partnership in our mission of educating students is valuable. Our hope is that through your open house experience and access to this toolkit, you will feel more empowered as a GMS parent. Find the resources below organized by session topic.

1. Replay the videos in the white boxes below to review any of the information or catch-up on a session you did not get to attend in person.

2. Click on the session titles below to access the slides directly, the hyperlinked websites within them, and the speaker notes which provide "closed-captioning" for videos.

3. Read our Frequently-Asked Questions document to follow-up on concepts from the live portion of each session.

PowerSchool Parent Portal
Communication Methods
Google Classroom
Behavioral Supports
Extra Curricular Oppportunities
Programs to Boost Learning at Home
AVID Strategies for Success
During this live session, audience members posed questions to the panel members (parents, students, and educators) who shared strategies for success in school. Content from this session is available in the Frequently-Asked Questions document.