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August 13, 2021: Student/Parent Handbook and more!

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Dear Families,

The 2021-22 school year is around the corner and we are so excited!

Each year comes with unique opportunities and challenges. Last year, we navigated COVID together, and our local data has been central to guiding back to school decisions. We will return at a Level 1 on our safe learning continuum and more information can be found here. Our district data continues to be used to make decisions regarding movement on our Safe Learning Continuum.

Our 2021-22 enrollment is above projection, which is great news! We are in the process of finalizing some additional staffing positions based on our higher enrollment; therefore, school level information, originally planned for August 13, will be sent out by Friday, August 20.

Please look through the attached 2021-22 Student/Parent Handbook carefully. For ongoing reference, the 2021-22 Student/Parent Handbook can be found at the Parent/Student Resources page of our district website along with notifications required by the Dept. of Education. If you would like a paper copy of the Student/Parent Handbook please contact Arle Chambers at 651-674-1011 or

I will be hosting virtual monthly lunch sessions during the school year to provide another way to connect with parents/guardians, listen to your ideas, and answer any questions you may have. The first session is Wednesday, Aug. 25, from noon to 1 pm. Anyone who wishes to attend is welcome to do so using this link:

Please feel free to contact me any time you have a question. Building principals are also ready to answer questions and discuss accommodations to ensure a strong start to the school year. I can’t wait for our students to return and for each student to receive high quality services that elevate their unique gifts and talents!


Sara Paul



Transportation Reminder!

To ensure your family has transportation to and from school on day one, students who did not ride the bus last school year, including those students who attended the Distance Learning Academy, are asked to sign up for transportation for the 2021-22 school year if transportation is needed to and from school by August 23. That form can be found at: Students who rode the bus last year, and newly enrolled students, will automatically be signed up and do not need to complete the form. Please contact the Transportation Office at (651) 674-1030 with any questions.