Smore practice

by Jaime Fanizzi


Tonight i crawled in bed,

and bumped my tiny head,

and with a little "meep"

I was fast asleep.

when i had closed my eyes,

it brought m to a portal,

and all i had to do,

was walk right through.

It brought me under the sea,

it took me to the sky,

it let me explore my wonderful life,

and it let me soar and fly

tonight i saw the world,

everything wonderful too,

and it helped me realize,

that my dream was reality!!!

I woke up with a thump,

and gave myself a bump,

i looked out the window

and saw, all of the things i

thought were imaginary.

and that is my story you see,

and it means alot to me,

i don't know if you believe me or not,

but all i can say,

is to dream everyday!

colorful things