Brazilian Culture

By: Miles Payton

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What do they do for Fun?

Brazilians relieve stress in many different ways. They get friends together for a game of futbol, (Soccer) and play for hours. They also have lots of wild parties and lively festivals to pass the time. There are numerous futbol stadiums around the country where they can go to watch a match. There are lots of beaches where people can sit back and enjoy the day.
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Disease and Healthcare

At the start of 1988, The Brazilian Constitution ratified that all citizens of Brazil are granted, and have access to free healthcare. That means that there are not a lot of ill people in the country. By making healthcare free, they not only have made Brazil a healthier place to live, they also helped to secure the well full longevity of the nation. They have common diseases in the country. Their diseases include, the flu, a common cold, and pneumonia.
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What types of food do they eat?

There is a vast variety of foods in Brazil. The most common foods eaten in households include: Rice, empanadas, and chicken. At festivals the food gets very exquisite. At festivals they eat food such as: Coxinha, which is a fancy chicken pie, Farofa, which is a flour cuisine.
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How hard do they party?

Brazilians parties, or fiestas, always have a colorful and fun environment. Their community is very tradition. It is common in Brazil to invite a whole family over for what Americans call a "cookout." They have their own equivalent to amusement parks, called festivals. They eat lots of food, and have lots of fun at their parties.
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How are they connected as a community?

Brazilians connect with each other through playing sports with each other, such as futbol, or soccer. Last year in the summer of 2014 they hosted the FIFA Men's World Cup, where the whole country of Brazil routed for their national team to represent them shown in the picture above. They all put aside their differences and came together as a nation to support their men. Though they did not win, they went far into the tournament coming in third place. That brought the nation together, as it was a hard time for them. The people of Brazil also connect with each other through parties, school, and other activities.
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Any extra data?

  • Brazil is the Largest nation in South America.
  • Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world.
  • Brazil has the 2nd most airports in the world next to the USA.
  • Brazil has the largest population of Catholics in the world.
  • The capital of Brazil, is Brasilia.
  • Brazilians speak Portuguese.
  • "Rio De Janero" means January river.
  • In 2016 Brazil will host the first Olympics held in South America.
  • Brazil's national team has won the most world cups.
  • Brazil's president is a women.
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