"Your Future" TL Project

Fatima Lopez

Goals for the High School years:

Academics and Extracurricular Activities:

1. All straight A's. My goal is simple and straightforward, and that is to get all straight A's like any other kid would want in order to get into a good college.

2. Take classes that relate to

psychology/counseling/therapy/sociology/nutrition (eating disorders)/etc. Which are in the career fields that I'm looking forward to be part of. In general, I want a career that deals with trying to figuring out a person's reason or cause behind something, which mostly relates to psychology.

3. Volunteer in dog shelters and help the homeless by being part of some organizations that serve for these purposes. I've always loved dogs and have had more than 1 dog during the past years, recently I had to give my dog away, but I still want be around them and help them find a good home. Like I like helping dogs, I like helping people, anyone who is in need of help, really.

4. Get a part time job. I want to get a part time job as soon as I can, probably during my late sophomore year or my early junior year. I want to get a job so I can start saving money for future expenses.

5. Apply to UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), UCB (University of California, Berkeley) UCLA and UCB are the two schools I want to attend the most because they are both ranked high in psychology which is the career I'm most likely to choose. Also because they are both located in California, even though they're in different regions, I've always wanted to go to California for college/university.

Right after High School

Preferably, I'd like to take a 1 year break from school after high school but won't because there's a lot of competition in the career fields after college.

1. Move to California. Hopefully, I will be able to attend either UCLA or UCB and use the money I've earned throughout my high school jobs to settle in, rent a small apartment, and find another part time job to pay for college.

2. Graduate with at least a bachelor's degree. I want to be able to graduate with at least a bachelor's degree in my career field.

3. Decide whether I want to stay in California or move back to Texas.

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Life after graduating:

1. Find a job as soon as possible. Right after graduating, I want to find a job as soon as possible.

2. Volunteer organizations that help the homeless, help dogs find a good home and help kids in school that get bullied/abused and kids with eating disorders. After finding a job and getting settled in where I live, I'd like to dedicate my free time in helping people and dogs as much as I can because it's something I really like to do.

3. Write a book. I've always wanted to write a book and I'm looking forward to writing one.