How does cancer spread?

By: Nia Rowe

What to know

  1. Cancer cells invade lymph nodes and blood vessels near a tumor and spread to other parts of the body. Because cancers of the lymphatic system or the blood system are already present inside lymph vessels, lymph nodes, or blood vessels, not all of these steps are needed for their metastasis. -Google

What causes cancer?

2. The fundamental cause of cancer is damaged or faulty genes – the instructions that tell our cells what to do. Genes are encoded within eDNA, so anything that damages DNA can increase the risk of cancer. But a number of genes in the same cell need to be damaged before it becomes cancerous. -


How long can cancer last?


It depends on what type of cancer, where its located, and what stage it is in. Some cancers run their course one way or another in a matter of months, some cancers take decades, and most cancers fall somewhere in between the two.