Culture of Rome

Citizenship, Law, and Justice



People had the privalige to....


-Own property

-Go to court

-Hold official offices

Only men had all rights and women had limited rights which meant that they could not vote or be in anything politic.

Slaves were property and had very little chance of freedom. They had almost no rights. Slaves that were freed were called Freedmen and had limited rights.


Some laws were about....

- Marriage

- Inheritence

- Contracts between people

All laws were written. Natural laws gave rights to every citizen that allowed life, liberty, and doing what makes you happy. Judges made decisions in courts by evidence and trials.


There were punishments and they had to fit the crome commited

- Fines

- Beatings

- Banishment

- Slavery

- Execution

If anyone killed their father they were to be drowned in a river. If slaves did anything, they either had more work, beaten, or crucified.


The U.S is similar in many ways.


If your parents are immigrants from another counrty, you can become a U.S citizen. If you parents are immigrants and you were born in the U.S, then you become a U.S citizen.