Bill Gates

Why he should be remembered

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a billionaire and he is a the richest man on earth but he doesn't like being called that. This shows that Bill Gates is not a stubborn man because if he was he would like to be called the richest man in the world and he would embrace it. Bill gates is a founder of Microsoft (computer software). He had donated over 28 billion dollars of his earnings to charity and that is why he should be remembered.



Steve Jobs is the Richest man on earth but how much does he really earn hourly?minutely?Salary?

- He earns 1.38 million dollars every hour.

- He earns 23,148 dollars every minute.

- He earned 11.4 billion dollars last year.

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He earns 11.4 of these every year in perspective. If this continues for only 100 years he could potentially have 1 trillion dollars.
What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

Donations made by Bill Gates

BILL GATES: Donations

Now Bill Gates is known for being the richest man on earth but he should really be remembered for being a huge donator.

- Bill gates have given over 28 billion dollars.

- with that 28 billion dollars given he has saved 6 million lives.

- and he donated 50 million to the Ebola outbreak.

-largest donator in the world.

Now remember he isn't just the richest man and isn't just a stubborn man in the world he is the most donating man in the world too.


Now you know that Bill Gates needs to be remembered in the world.