Music makes who you are

By:Jennifer Nehs


"Without music life would be a mistake"

The main theme of the quote is that without music life would be just boring.

Music to Relax By: Divyseh J.Smith

Every beat, every tone
Music is rhythm of soul
Pop, Jazz and Country
Release all our worries

Music gives life a motion
Music controls every emotion
Music calms the mind
Music helps us – our way to find!

Music is inspiration
Music – full of imagination
Music has feelings
Music gives life a meaning

A Slow beat is silent word
A fast beat make you shrewd
Every moment its true worth
Music gives life – new birth

Music is melody
Music moves your body
Make people jump up and down
Spin in circles round and round

Music for celebration
Music for education
Music for entertainment
Music for refreshment

Listen to music to change your mood
Listen to music to keep you cool
Listen to music just to relax
Listen to music to make you sleep

Divyesh J. Shah

Theme of poem

The theme of the poem is that music can touch people in many ways it can help i many ways. Music creates who you are. Music created who i am music helped me in many ways. Music can control your emotion and how you feel. Music can make u happy sad it can control you.

The Speaker/Narrator

The Narrator Davyseh J.Smith

The person in the poem is someone who really can connect with music and how it take's over who you are. Also the narrator tells about how music has it own emotion i would describe the person that he has has gone through a lot and music has gotten him through all the tough time's.

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