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Why is Energy being wasted?

Its simple really. Energy is being wasted because people don't care or not using it wisely. Energy effects everything form transportation, electricity, to water we use every single ounce of energy.

How is our wastefulness effecting the environment?

Most of the energy we use is generated by burning fossil fuel. Like coal, natural gas, oil. When fossil fuels gets burn it releases chemical fuels into the air. This is causing global warning. Leaving the lights on causes global temperature to increase.Think when you use energy.

Wasteful much?

Unfortunately, the United States leads the way for wasting the most energy. Yes our country is wasteful. 58% of energy we produce is wasted right away. Why is that? Some of us need to stop being so wasteful.Its not just America. There is also other countries that waste energy like China, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, etc...

Pictures of where Energy comes from

Ways to save Energy

Easy ways to save Energy:

1. Take shorter showers

2.Turn off lights when not in use

3.Turn off electronics when not in use

4.Walk more instead of using a vehicle

5.Use less hot water

6.Get rechargeable batteries

7.Buy fluorescent light bulbs instead of the other ones

9.Fix leaky sinks

10.USE Energy wisley!

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