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Barve&Working is dedicated to protect and help the accused in anyway possible. Our mission is to serve and protect the wrongfully accused in any community, or the world to create a stable and say environment. our company is very successful, and we have worked with many people, and we hope that you will come join us today. We are currently employed with Criminal Defense Lawyer, and we are looking for more! Our company was founded in 2001.

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WORK DESCRIPTION A criminal defense Lawyer is a person who studies criminal law, torque, and theories to prove that the person accused of the crime, is not guilty. Criminal Defense Lawyer often uses police records, and evidence collected by coroners, and criminal investigators to often prove the defendant not guilty. A criminal Defense lawyer often works against the prosecutor, or district / state attorney depending on the severity of the case.


Most criminal lawyer have a doctoral (PhD) to have their own practice or law firm. The must requirements for becoming a criminal lawyer is to study criminal law, and not civil law. To have 2 years of internship, 6 academic years of work to complete, and classes in criminal law. It is critical to realize that you could be a lawyer who handles county, state, or US cases depending on your education, and how often you are to win a case.

If you want to be a criminal lawyer, you must take criminal law, and not civil law.

Work Hours/Vacation

There is no specific work hours because it all depends on what type of a criminal lawyer are you, you can either be a private, or firm criminal lawyer. A private lawyer has their own practice and has a professional license. A fir lawyer works and represent the firm during the cases. The firm ultimately decided your work hours, but if you own your own private practice, you can choose your own hours to work. This is the same thing that goes for vacation days

What about the Money???

Based on ONET discovery, the annual wage for a lawyer is $114,300 therefore it is $54.95 an hour. There is no difference between civil, and criminal lawyer because they do the same thing, but study different types of law. There is no difference between a criminal defense and prosecutor. Some additional things that can affect your wage is, how many customers you are bringing in to the company, how many cases are you winning under your company’s name. And also your seniority to a company’s law firm.

See you are fine, you are getting a lot of money!

What attributes do I need...

Working Sytle Being a criminal lawyer requires that you need to know your rights, extensive critical thinking skills, inductive and deductive reasoning skills, good education, and you are VERY organized because you are working with allot of paper work. Also you need to be able to work with someone, and to know how to present in a effective. Also you need to be mature because there will be some violent cases you need to work.

Tools and Technology...

A criminal lawyer need to be very organized in order to get the job done. One tool they need to do, is a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) or Planner. They help you be reminded of date or important deadline you need in order for success. They also use word, adobe, and Microsoft to create documents needed for court.

Overtime Projected Growth Rate

What about the future????

Well, based on ONET discovery, at 2012, there were 760,000 estimated job opening, but between 2012-2022, the projected growth would be 8%-14% meaning that there will be about 195,500 new job opening for a lawyer.

Differences between a Prosecutor and Defendent

Some differences between a prosecutor and a defendant in criminal law. The defendant lawyer strategy is to discredit any evidence or witness that could determine the verdict of the trial. Also they would like to present any evidence that disclaims the accusation. However the prosecution's strategy is to provide any evidence that could support the accusation. A criminal defendant usually thinks differently because they have a different strategy.


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