Sarah's Personality

By: Sarah Park

Personality test

I recently took the Myers-Briggs Personality test. According to the test my strengths are being turbulent (71%) and judging (63%). Also my result was a commander. The test described me very well. I honestly am really bossy, get really stressed over nothing, and judge everything, without even thinking about it. Being turbulent is both bad and good, because stressing out over even the tiniest thing can help me work hard in everything I do, but at the same time, it can lower my self-esteem and give me too much stress. Being judging is really bad, because if I were judging a person, they would get really mad at me, since I probably say nice and mean things. I can also be caring at times, not all the time. I wouldn't really consider myself a caring person, but something I do the smallest things, and I think to myself, I'm caring. I might not act like it, but I care about my family a lot. My weakness is being insensitive. I sometimes, without knowing, don't care or think about other people's feelings, and start saying rude things to them. When I think, I'm more careful about it, but there are times when there's really nothing going on in my head and I start saying rude things. The commander part suits me, because I'm really bossy, but I need to control the bossiness, because there's no way I can make friends and be nice to others by being bossy.