"Land of the Rising Sun"

Quick Profile

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    • Placed near the top with national achievement
    • Teachers carry high status: Highest paid civil servants & Highly selective process
    • Merit-based belief: Determined by achievement and effort
    • 99% Literacy Rate (15 and older)
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    • High value placed on acceptance and support by teachers and family

    • Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
    1. Curriculum demands mastery (rote learning) and problem solving
    2. Reforms:
      1. reduction in the number of school hours
      2. reductions of the number of hours devoted to academic subjects (later changed)
      3. creation of an integrated studies course

    • No tracking, streaming, or skipping grades
    • Students are not held back

    • English instruction begins in fifth grade

    • "If you do not pass an exam, you cannot go anywhere, even high school.”
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      • Japanese spend less than many other nations on their schools

      • School administration is kept at a minimum

      • Students who are ahead are expected to help those who are behind

      Japan & The U.S. : Comparatively

      What can we learn from each other?

      The shared belief that education is the key to the future!

      1. In Japan, students are supported at home and teachers are top notch.

      Working for Merit!

      1. The attitude and value of working hard and taking challenges has been successful in Japan.

      Japan’s dedication to lifetime employment

      What can be valued more: Achievement or Creativity?

      1. In Japan, achievement is valued as well as the success of the group.
      2. In the US, creativity is valued as well as the individual.

      by Kristin Donnelly