DORK Diaries

Tales from a NOT-SO-Popular Party Girl By: Emma

The Author

RACHEL RENEE RUSSELL is an attorney who prefers writing tween books to legal briefs.(Mainly because books are a lot more fun and pajamas and bunny slippers aren't allowed in court.) she has raised two daughters and lived to tell about it. Her hobbies include growing purple flowers and doing totally useless crafts (like, for example, making a microwave oven out of popsicle sticks, glue, and glitter).Rachel lives in northern Virginia with a spoiled pet Yorkie who terrorizes her daily by climbing on top of a computer cabinet and pelting her with stuffed animals while she writes. And, yes, Rachel considers herself a total DORK.


The story to place a Westchester high getting ready for the HALLOWEEN DANCE!


4 parties. Add 2 friends and 1 crush. Divide by 1 mean girl out to RUIN Nikki. Mix well, put fingers over eyes, and cringe

The main characters are.....

Party Girl


The school Halloween dance was ruined because Mackenzie let everybody quit except for the clean up crew even Mackenzie quit it was up to Nikki to fix the Halloween dance or cancel it.

The solution

Thanks to Nikki the dance was back on they got all the things they needed even a location to do it at Nikki had saved the day EXCEPT that she had to wear a trash bag costume to the dance. but she still had a wonderful time with Chloe and Zoey. and if you want to hear more read the book and find out what happens in DORK DIARIES Tales from a NOT-SO-Popular Party Girl