Organization of Latino Social Workers-MI


The Organization of Latino Social Workers (OLASW) Michigan Chapter welcomes new and continuing members to our quarterly newsletter.

The primary mission of the Organization of Latino Social Workers (OLASW) is to define and advance the Latino agenda within the social work profession in the United States and Puerto Rico. OLASW is a national professional organization representing Latino social workers.

OLASW is characterized by its commitment to improving the overall health and psychological well-being of the Latino population. Toward this end, OLASW seeks to promote access to educational and economic opportunities for all Latino social workers.

We are very excited to be planning our educational summit to take place in the Spring of 2014, please check back for details.

In addition, we are working on bringing together organizations, practitioners, and researchers that are interested in joining a network dedicated to the social work profession and Latino communities.

This upcoming year will be very important for Latinos with issues such as health care, the economy, and potential immigration legislation taking place. Social workers and their allies can come together during these uncertain times to help bridge the gaps between clients and services while still advocating for long-term social justice issues and social change.

In this newsletter we begin this process by introducing you to our 2013-2014 Executive Board, and by outlining some important initiatives that are taking place.

Also, we plan to provide grant opportunities and employment openings here as well.

One other goal is for OLASW to reach out to and help promote our student organizations in various University and college campuses in Michigan. We hope to provide support and training for the next generation of social workers.

Finally, we encourage you and/or your organization to please become a member of OLASW. We will include our sign-up form and the fee structure below.

Pilar Horner, Ph.D., MSW


Happy Holidays and Feliz Año Nuevo!

History of OLASW

For many years, Latino social workers worked with traditional professional organizations in order to highlight the needs of their Latino communities and to promote their unique agenda. This collaboration was seen as a crucial element beneficial to both the Latino community and to the profession itself. Because of the pressing needs and new challenges facing Latino communities, Latino social workers were called to organize their own institution. This led to the founding of the Organization of Latino Social Workers and its chapters throughout the United States.

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