Library and Tech News

January 8th, 2016

Scheduling for 2nd Semester

The schedule is filling up for the library and room 218. Let me know if you have a project you still want to collaborate on this year. I can also come to your classroom if there is not a spot available. Check out the calendar on the Sites page under Support>Library.

Students Visiting the Library

Students are welcome to visit the library during the school day with a planner pass or Reading clipboard. Please make sure they always have a pass - it is too hard to tell which kids were legitimately sent and which ones are wandering. Also, we do no write passes for students visiting during passing period unless there is a technical difficulty or issue. They should NOT be using the library as an excuse for tardies. If you ever have a question about a student, please send us an email!

Using Images in Student Work

Please try and help our students get used to using public domain images in their projects. There is a list of sites they can use on the Bryan Middle School web page> Mrs. Raszler's Library Page>Public Domain and Free Use Images. Photos for this week's flyer are courtesy of

Do you have ideas for our library?

I have about 25% of our budget left and could use your help with some ideas! If you know of some books or DVDs that might make a good addition to our collection, please send me an email with the information! Anything you think would help enhance your curriculum is great! Also, if you have PD requests that you feel would benefit OPS staff let me know and I will forward those to our MTC library staff!