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September 12- September 16


1. Complete the Ten Marks: 4.NBT.1:

Relating Place Value and Multiples of 10

**I have assigned this to you. Be sure that you choose the correct assignment to complete!

2. Do the Candy Rush Activity: I will give you further instructions on how to complete this!!

Tuesday and Wednesday

1. Comparing Digits Activity- Work with a partner to do this activity. You will only choose 4 to do in a row, column, or diagonally.

2. Ten Marks NBT.2 Comparing Whole Numbers- Go to Clever from the Resources page and choose Ten Marks. Make sure you choose the correct assignment. Remember...If you do not score above 70%, you will need to complete the amplifier and re-do.

3. IXL A.9-Try to get at least 80%.


1. Place Value Task Cards: You will use the recording sheet to write down your answers as you go around the room to solve the questions on the task cards.

2. IXL A.6 Rounding: Try to get at least 80%

3. Partner Activity: Complete the partner activity with a partner.


1. Ten Marks for NBT.3 (Rounding Whole Numbers) I have assigned this to you. Go through Resources page and Clever. Remember...if you score 70% or lower, you will need to complete the amplifier and re-do.

2. Use Educreations to make a video explaining how to round a particular number. You will be assigned a number. You will log in to Educreations by going to the MGSD Resources page and to Clever. Directions are here!