BY:Maren Lacey


Pencils are often used in schools. You're wondering why pencils are used so often? Well if like to learn about rad things,this is the article for you! Pencils are used often on tests because they erase.

From tree farm to factory

Have you ever wondered where pencils start? They don't just pop out thin air. They have to be manufactured. But where? It all starts on a tree farm. There are lots of trees. Those trees get cut down. They all go to a factory

How are they made?

Do you think pencils are easy to make? Nope! They are a challenging process.There are a few but hard steps to making pencil.First the wood is cut into slices.Next it gets holes and graphite and is sliced into rectangles. It gets erasers and paint

How do they get to the store?

All the packages are put in a huge truck. The truck goes to the store.Some goto the shelves,some go to the back of the store.When needed,the pencils from the back of the store go to the store. then you buy them.

When you see them......

When You see a pencil it's usually at a store, home or at a business or school.

The pencils you see have a yellow coating and a pink eraser. many pencils are made of wood.

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