By. Lily

This a project I did for writing. I am a 4th grader at Van Meter Elementary School in Van Meter, Iowa.

Hot Mercury

Did you know that Mercury is the closest planet to the sun? The temperatures in Mercury are 460 degrees celsius. Did you also know the sun beats on Mercury all day?

The amazing thing is that there is one side of Mercury that faces away from the sun.

Also did you know that Mercury is 35,900,000 miles from the sun?

Mercury's Orbit

It lies within earths orbit. It can appear as a morning star. Its a very bright. It also It can also appear as the evening star. Do to the proximity to the sun its difficult to see.

Mercury's characteristics

The inner most planet in the solar system. Its the smallest. Its orbits the sun every 88 Earth days. Its orbit is the least perfect circular. The surface is heavily cratered.
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