Battle of Berlin

By: Mckenzie Jones

Battle of Berlin

Monday, April 16th 1945 at 8am to Wednesday, May 2nd 1945 at 6am

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Berlin

"The silence that followed the fighting was literally deafening."- Soviet veterans.

Who Was Involved?

The battle of Berlin was between the Soviet Union and Germany. Taking place in Germany, The Germans used this as an deffensive war, hoping it would be an advantage for them. The Soviet Union was involved Lasting a little under a month about one quarter of a million people were killed in this war. A major Marshal for the Soviet Union was named Georgy Zhukov. Zhukov served his first year in the army in 1915 at age 19. He took command of the Calvary in 1933 and was made a hero of the Soviet Union because a decision and disciplinary action that won the war for them. Because he was made this hero he took over the Chief of General Staff position in 1941 and served in that position during WW2. Fighting under the command of Zhukov General Vasily Chuikov enlisted in the the Russian Revolution. He received a slightly higher rank after attending Frunze Military Academy. Later he led the Soviet in the invasion of Poland and continued fighting through battle of Berlin. On the German end General Gotthard Heinrici. Heinrici was a minister of a Lutheran church, he was married to a half Jew which mad his children one fourth Jewish. Gotthard joined the infantry in 1905 served in WW1 and WW2. Fighting alongside Heinrici was General Kurt Von Tippelskirch joined the German army in 1909 and was promoted to Lieuninent in 1911.

Other Information

The Battle of Berlin began on April 16,1945 and ended on May 2,1945. This battle being on the long side, was full of goals and hopes from both the Soviet Union and the Nazi army. The Soviets hoped using an offensive attack would be better and cause less devastation to their home. Also ticked off that Germany is walking all over people maybe this war will teach them a small lesson. On Germany's side, things were not so easy. Having trouble gathering people to fight, the Germans knew the odds were greatly against them. They did not let the facts stop them, knowing the odds they decided to fight to the death. Germany's goals? To protect Berlin, but unfortunately for Berlin this battle did not go their way. Trenches were dug out to trap the Soviet tanks. The Soviet union was using offensive warfare obviously, since this battle was in Berlin. The Germans using defensive. The Soviets eventually created a circle around The Nazi army. As stated earlier, on May 2nd, 1945 Berlin Germany and the Nazi army fell the the Soviet union. It was during the Battle of Berlin the Hitler committed suicide, and Germany surrendered following. Hitler killing himself was one of the long-term impacts of this battle. Of course so was major damage to the city of Berlin, and a win for The Soviet Union made U.S and Russia the top two most powerful countries in the world.