Disability Project

BY: Christopher Bates and Ilya Velmiskin

Design Brief

Our design involves a special form of glasses that connect to the users smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. These glasses assist the impaired user by receiving sound waves emitted from the people around them and then displaying the words received on the lenses.

Design Process Steps

Identify the problem




Testing of Optimization



The THREE Solutions

Special Glasses

Detachable Sports Arms

Sonar Hearing Aids


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Final Solution Description and Operation

Glasses VI

  • The glasses shall be able to solve the issues of understanding hard to hear people.
  • These glasses will be comfortable to put on.
  • They pick up audio and puts words across their glasses during a conversation.
  • The words can be set to go across leisurely at the pace that the reader can read, or can be set to stay on their permanently until the reader clicks the clear screen button.
  • The glasses are connected to their smartphone with Bluetooth.

Math and Scientific Concepts

Sound Waves

Electric Currents

Technology Areas

Micro technology: technology in which uses the materials that are called microelectronics.

Electricity: a state of feeling or excitement.

Bluetooth: a short-ranged wireless connection of electronic devices.

Manufacturing: to make something on a large scale using machinery.

Design: a plan or drawing that is made to show how something will look and work of a specific device.

Communication: a means of distributing news.

Impacts on Society and the Environment

Helps deaf people.

Deaf people know they can cause forest fires.

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Tools and Materials

Flow Chart

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Analysis Production

The screwing of the screws were done