In Search of Universal God

Correcting Our Perception Of God

‘In Search of Universal God’ is a book written by Vijay Atawane. It seeks to find answers to some tough questions and improves upon our perception of God. By the term Universal God, Vijay seeks to describe an almighty power that transcends the limitations of religion. It has something to do with the humankind in general. He loves all equally, abundantly, and most importantly, this is an unconditional love. Whatever your faith, the supreme power looks over you and it does not even matter if you are an atheist. Having said that the author does not have anything against the religions, according to him the teachings of every religion has something good with positive aspects and the power to improve our lives. The problem lies in how we choose to interpret these religious teachings.

He asks a very relevant question, have we chosen the God that we worship? For most of us, no doubt it was never a matter of choice but just following on the path of our ancestors, the parents and the grandparents. Through the centuries, our interpretation of Almighty has been wrong and this is the root of all evils. Using our religious beliefs and modes of worship, we have transformed the supreme power into one of our own. With so much going on in the world in the name of caste, creed and religion, it is high time to take proactive steps and change our perception regarding Him.

This will strengthen our bonds as humans and promote the concept of universal brotherhood. According to ‘In Search of Universal God’, you do not have to change your religious beliefs and that is not the point. It is time to seek the relevant answers and interpret everything the correct way. It is possible to gain an understanding of this Universal Power through correct perceptions, the right interpretation. People may ask when there already is an existing God, what is the point of seeking this Universal Being? Vijay Atawane wants us to look around us.

Yes, no doubt, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians have different Gods to worship but what is this leading to these days? In the name of religion, we are simply killing each other, fighting and quarrelling constantly. Our wrong interpretation of the teachings and the books is taking humankind on the road to perdition. Is this the way we wish to continue? We let our Gods or the related centuries old perceptions to dictate our lives and those of the others. This is sad in spite of all the technological advancement and modernization surrounding our lives.

By shifting our belief to the Single Power, the Universal Force we can finally break free of these limiting considerations and embrace peace, modernity and fraternity in its truest sense.

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