Internet Safety

By: Christina Gray

Whats the point of Internet safety?

There are over 2 billion people online. Would you let your child hang out with over 2 billion people. The answer is no, so why do you let them chat with strangers

online? According to the FBI there is an estimated 50,000 predators online at any given moment, all looking for potential victims. That is why internet safety is important.

How to keep safe on the Internet.

Tips on Internet Saftey

  • Your parents are an important part of your life you should keep them up to date with technology.
  • You should never post any personal information.
  • Never meet with someone you met online. If they ask to met you in person tell an adult or guardian right away.the person may not be who they say the are.
  • Check with parents before you post any pictures of yourself. Make sure they are appropriate, and never post a inappropriate picture of someone else.
  • Never respond to rude messages.
  • Never share your password even with your best friend
  • If you wouldn't say it to the persons face don't post it online
  • Do not download software without your parents permission
  • Use privacy setting on social networking sites
  • I anything makes you uncomfortable on the internet tell an adult