DLAT Meeting 2.0

December 10, 2015

CDLT Plans due today..

Some examples turned in already:

  1. Wallace Middle School
  2. Elm Grove Elementary

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
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How's it going with technology in your classroom?

There has been a lot going on this year...the digital learning team has worked quietly behind the scenes without much major training with teachers...and that's not an accident.

  • We've trained your Principals, the Office of School Leadership, librarians, library technicians, and tech specials/tech apps teachers.
  • Is this training filtering into the campus?

Hilary Sanders Q re: iPad Sharing

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We are planning all of our Spring Semester PD next week...

  • Current PD plan is for us to deliver iPad in the classroom training, focusing on apps that can effect pedagogy and leverage the DYOD program. (ShowMe, Educreations, Google Drive, Mirror 360 etc.) through our Project Engage initiative.
  • What training do you want to see on your campus?
  • What's the best format for this training in your view?
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