Team SE Fusion

Week 2 of June...

This week's events:

It's time to kick it up a notch! A large number of you have no pop ups on the books this month. I know most of you are officially in summer mode, but think how great it would be to earn money now for the vacations that you are going to take or the activities you might be doing with your kids. It's not time to take off... it's time to get creative with your time. I know you are busy. I am too....I get it! If you truly have no time to work your business this week, I bet you could find 5 minutes to post to your social media platforms each day and remind your network that you are still there. Make sure your online boutique is looking awesome and let it work for you. If you aren't "that" busy, do your DAILY 5 and get some pop ups on the books.

USE ME!!! If you are popping up, I want to talk to you a few days before. I know your time is precious so don't be intimidated by a 30 minute block of time. We can chat for 5 minutes if that's all you've got. I might just give you a tip that could change your pop up from $500 to $800 or secure you a future hostess or two. PLEASE include a chat with me in the planning of all your pop ups.

This week's calls:

Team Southeast Fusion Call Monday at 9pm - I really hope you'll join me on this call. Please arrive a little early to make sure you don't need to download anything to join the call. I'd like to start at 9 pm and no later to be respectful of your time. All attendees will be entered into a drawing for the retired art deco bow leather wrap bracelet that was pictured on our Facebook page. ( :

National Sales Meeting call - Copacabana Capsule & Men's Shop Launch

Tuesday at 9 pm EST - Make sure to join us to win big... see below.

Registration link:

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This Month's Incentives for Merchies & Hostesses

Chantel Waterbury, our CEO & Founder

Ladies, this amazing, down to earth, approachable woman pictured below with me has given us such a wonderful opportunity with Chloe and Isabel. It is her mission to support YOU and help you reach your dreams and goals...whether it's to help pay off student loans, to help you build a house, to replace your full time job or even just to have enough extra cash to pay for your monthly gym membership. Think about it, you have YOUR OWN online boutique, you have a tech team, a marketing team, a graphics team, a freaking jewelry design team WORKING FOR YOU!!!! Own it! Let's act like the business owners that we are and get the most out of this opportunity!
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