First Nation people Pacific Coast

by Sameer Alli Khamis

Social Organation

Pacific coast First Nations people had a well-defined aristocratic class that was regarded as superior by birth.The basic Social unit for all First Nations in this part of the country was the extended family lineage whose members claimed descent from a common ancestor.Most lineage had their own crests ,featuring representation of animal of supernatural being that were believed to be their founders
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Modes of transportaion

In winter they made some slippers to stay warm.They traveled exclusivity by using dugout canoe. a small canoe is for 2 people its about 5 meters. some of the Pacific Cost walk.They work hard to make canoes.
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Spiritual Beliefs

All first nation belived that ther vulvuse and traditionwhere gives from the creator

This is all about the Pacific Coast.If you want to see another First Nation.You can go to my friands they made first nation writing.Thers alot of paragraf to read.have a good day.