OFF to a smoking start!!

We are off to an amazing start to 2016!! What you do NOW and each day THIS WEEK and NEXT week to prepare for February, March and early April, will determine the size of the explosive growth you will see heading out of GTC and into the summer.

Our sponsoring is THROUGH THE ROOF! Again!! And as you have heard me say time and time again....BIG sponsoring, leads to BIG promotions!!

The truth is.....to see life changing success with Arbonne, you have to make it one of your top 3-4 priorities. My top priorities are 1) My Faith 2) My Family 3) Arbonne. You HAVE to carve our consistent time to grow an Arbonne empire. You have to invest time in others, lift them up, breathe belief into the. You have to invest time in personal growth and development!! This is a part-time business, not a sometime business. Carve out some part time hours into your schedule, be bold, step out of that comfort zone, invest in others and you will see major growth!!

Be coachable, do the do, plug into everything, embrace challenges, and grow into the person you were designed to be!! BE BOLD!!!

2016....I see THIS!!! Go ahead...pick out yours!!

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Recognition Effective February 1st

Congratulations on your promotion or qualification!


½ Way to Nation

ERVP Sara Murray

RVP Amanda Thayer

½ Way to Region

JoJo deBeaubien (CO) in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Kelli Trent (CO) in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Lindsay Bauerle (TX) in Samantha Hale’s Region

Area Manager in Qualification

Christina Zanotti in Tarrah Brandsma’s Area

Jeanie Boymel (CO) in Arlene Burgess’ Area

*New* District Managers (8% Payraise)

Jenna Codespotti-Wright promoted by Tarrah Brandsma’s District (CO)

Denise Dunlap promoted by Kelli Trent (CO)

Lauren Pontious-Powell by Jeanie Boymel (CO)

Erica Ruby by Natasha Gonzalez (CO)

Melissa Broaddus by Dayle Cedars (CO)

Meagan Roeglein by Tiffani Ragan (CO)

District Managers in Qualification

Ryan Zanotti in Tarrah Brandsma’s District (CO)

Betsy Baker in Jenna Codespotti-Wright’s District (CO)

Michelle Potvin in Jennifer Schiltz's District (CO)

Michelle Opoien in Tarrah Brandsma’s District (CO)

Julie Leclercq in Erin Zanotti’s District (OK)

Ali Watkins in Erin Zanotti’s District (TX)

Rachel Price in Kyla Jones’ District (CO)

Ashley Mclawyer in Mandie Atchity's District (CO)

Michele New in Patricia Brotherson's District (CO)

Lori Nguyen in Amanda Thayer's District (CO)

Lisa Roth in Montessa Lengefeld's District (CO)

Aspen Frey in Courtney Bauer's District (KS)

Brenda Carlson in Amy Beal's District (KS)

Rebecca Dolezal in Natasha Gonzalez’s District (CO

Sunshine Williams in Kelly Brgoch’s District (CO)

Amanda Hua in Katie Ganderton’s District (CO)

Shannon Nelson in Stephanie Kalter’s District (CO)

Deborah Moscosco in Jessica Devine's District (FL)

Sheila Wyner in Shannon Hare's District (FL)

Jennie Carmichael in Kelli Trent's District (CO)

Leslie Morris in Kelli Trent's District (AZ)

Jennifer Cleveland in Amanda Thayer's District (CO)

Debbie Waters in Jojo deBeaubien's District (CO)

Donna Vail in Kyra Clarke's District (CO)

Rebecca Jones in Sam Knight's District (CO)

Renee Demianew in Geneva Farr’s District (CO)

Suzi Pham in Arlene Burgess’ District (CO)

Kim Richter in Arlene Burgess’ District (CO)

Kelly Lynch in Arlene Burgess’ District (CO)

Shanna Nickel in Jeanie Boymel’s District (CO)

Heather Taylor in Jeanie Boymel’s District (CO)

Kendra Weiss in Jeanie Boymel’s District (CO)

Barbara Frasier in Melanie Eastridge’s District (CO)

Michelle Cisnero in Melanie Eastridge’s District (CO)

Katie Vinther in Melanie Esstridge’s District (CO)

Rachael Demeyer in Meghan Rogers District (WA)

Stephanie Freidt in Heather Dahlgrens District (WA)

Melissa Strugeon in Heather Dahlgrens District (WA)

Michelle Conway in Kirsten Scotts District (WA)

Shannon Cruz in Kirsten Scotts District (WA)

Nicole Post in Wendy Johnson’s District (CO)

Kristi Reineke-Lauro in Krista Sabec’s District (CO)

Monica D’Ovidio in Kelli Helzer’s District (CO)

Adrienne Chacon in Heidi Grogg’s District (CO)

Maria Lucas in Dayle Cedar’s District (CO)

Jana Joy in Lindsay Bauerle’s DIstrict (TX)

Sarah Jones in Lindsay Bauerle’s District (TX)

Jennifer Glass in Lindsay Bauerle’s District (TX)

Charity Dikehut in Lindsay Bauerle’s District (TX)

Cindy O’Connell in Tiffani Reagan’s District (TX)

Kristin Arriola in Samantha Hale’s District (TX)

DM Bonus Earners

(Extra $200 on top of your paycheck!)

Erin Zanotti (OK)

Tarrah Brandsma (CO)

Kelli Trent (CO)

Amanda Thayer (CO)

Geneva Farr (CO)

Jeanie Boymel (CO)

Melanie Eastridge (CO)

Arlene Burgess (CO)

Heather Dahlgren (WA)

Natasha Gonzales (CO)

Kelli Helzer (CO)

Krista Sabec (CO)

Lindsay Bauerle (TX)

Tiffani Ragan (TX)

Dayle Cedars (CO)

AM Bonus Earners

(Extra $400 on top of your paycheck!)

Tarrah Brandsma

Kelli Trent

Arlene Burgess

Kelly Brgoch

Lindsay Bauerle

RVP Bonus Earners

(Extra $600 on top of your paycheck!)

Amanda Thayer

Geneva Farr


Sales & Sponsoring Superstars!!

Top Region Sales ($)

Amanda Thayer - $72,560

Top Region Sponsoring (# of NEW $150 PCs/Cons)

Geneva Farr - 69

Top Area Sales ($)

Arlene Burgess - $29,667

Kelli Trent - $25,621

Tarrah Brandsma - $23,391

Kelly Brgoch - $23,028

Lindsay Bauerle - $20,549

Wendy Johnson - $17,408

Amanda Thayer - $16,271

Brianna Widen - $15,112

Samantha Hale - $14,313

Sabine Bezdek - $13,428

Top Area Sponsoring (# of NEW $150 PCs/Cons)

Lindsay Bauerle - 36

Arlene Burgess - 31

Tarrah Brandsma - 25

Kelly Brgoch - 25

Kelli Trent - 23

Brianna Widen - 17

Sabine Bezdek - 16

Amanda Thayer - 12

Samantha Hale - 11

Shannon Hare - 9

Top District Sales ($)

Arlene Burgess - $13,247

Tarrah Brandsma - $11,807

Amanda Thayer - $11,025

Jeanie Boymel - $10,895

Kelli Trent - $9,898

Kelli Helzer - $7,455

Krista Sabec - $6,942

Dayle Cedars - $6,444

Lindsay Bauerle - $6,226

Natasha Gonzalez - $5,799

Top District Sponsoring (# of NEW $150 PCs/Cons)

Jeanie Boymel - 18

Lindsay Bauerle - 17

Natasha Gonzalez - 14

Tarrah Brandsma - 12

Tiffani Ragan - 10

Arlene Burgess - 10

Amanda Thayer - 9

Heather Dahlgren - 9

Erin Zanotti - 8

Kelli Helzer - 8


Get registered NOW!! Here's the link:


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Who's Joining Us In Wine Country, California???

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9-in-90 Challenge! One Month Down....TWO more to go!!!

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