Baggage Discrepencies

Unit 208

A baggage-handling system has three main jobs:-

1. Move the bags from the check-in area to the departure gate.

2. Move the bags from one gate to another during transfers.

3. Move the bags from the arrival gate to the baggage claim area.

Four main baggage descrepencies:-

1. Missing bag (AHL)- Whenever baggage is lost a passenger will have to fill out a form so the terminal can attempt to track down the bag and get it back to the passenger. The passenger would approach the customer service desk and the agent would ask ask questions and complete a report. This report is called a PIR form Property Irregularity Report within 5 days of arrival. The agent would take details of a telephone number and a contact address and complete all the details on the World Tracer System. They will provide the passenger with a reference so that the customer can trace their own bag. AHL-Advise if holding (process of missing baggage)

Damaged baggage (DPR)

Theres a possible chance that when you recieve your baggage back it may come back damaged. Normal use of baggage may result in scratches, marks and dents on your luggage and in other minor damage. Airlines are not liable for this. You may need to fill out a few forms so the bag can be replaced, the airline or terminal will pay for this. This is onoly if your baggage cannot be repaired. If the customer is a UK resident who declines a replacement from stock then a new bag would be chosen from a catalouge and is delievered by Baggage Replacement Service Provider. DPR- Damaged/Pilfered Report. This is a report that would be filed or a PIR form would be completed.


A pilfered baggage is baggage that has been broken into or tampered with. Items could be stolenor either damaged. If items are missing from the luggage the passenger will be required to fill out a report. The customer would report this at the customer service desk or online if they didnt realise at the time. The BA policy will detail missing items, capture missing items, ensure the customer of any further missing items, then advised to contact claims, detail any damage to the bag, if any report to the damage bag desk, issue report for the customer to claim for their insurance (PIR) and refer customer to claims.

On Hand Baggage (OHL)

You have to check if the AHL baggage has a tag number on it and a visible name shown. If a tagged bag hasnt been reported then it could be lost and there's a chance that getting the bag back is small. When you check in at the check in desk , one of the security questions will be "do you have any hand baggage?" you are onoly aloud one on board. You would check if the missing bag is on the system , if the existant tag number matches the name. If the tag matches the passenger , you contact theb passenger from their PNR, telephone or email address and arrange a delivery date.