The World of AppSmashing

applied creative science education

What is App Smashing?

App Smashing is an activity that requires someone to use more than one application to complete a task at hand. An example of this would be using your camera app on your phone to post on Facebook. To do this task there are two applications that the phone has to use, Camera and Facebook.

Suggested Classroom Activity for Science classes

So I suggest that all science courses in this class apply the concept of app smashing to science research. One really cool thing about technology is that it can help us connect to students and professors around the world, even in college. By allowing students at Brookwood to connect with research professors at other schools and institutions, we are letting them truly explore science. One way that they can do that is by using a website known as CitizenScience. There is also an website app available on most smartphones. The student can skim through the database and find at least one task that he or she wants to take part in. These tasks will require students to use other applications in order to complete. An example is the Bird Study application by Dr. Firn Housing from Georgia State University. He wants people around the world to post pictues of various birds in their lawn and tag their city with it. This task will allow the students to take pictures on their phone, Camera App, email them, Email app, and post on their website, Safari or software applciation. with the use of 3 apps, this data will not only help his data but provide our students with a strive to help out on research. This is a task that will help our students to do well when they go to college.

Georgia curriculum

This task goes with the students rwuirement of learning about application based science and laboratory skills. It will also test their reading comprehension from the passages involved in every task.

List of Apps NEEDED!

Summer of Activity

A general outline of what students are suggested to do during this activity is provided:

Start by making an account on the CitizenScience website followed with picking the photography based research projects under the science and photography section. Find an activity of choice under the section. Most of the research based projects will require students to take pictures of wild or pet animals and post them on the research website of the company. A list of suggested apps are above this. Please make sure to have access to the apps before starting the process.

Assesment for Teacher

In my opinion with this project being fairly new to our school, the grade on this project should be based on effort and in a classroom setting. This would insure that every student show their project before submitting it. Each student should have enough time to complete their task with about an hour of class time given. It would be up to each individual teacher to determine the consequence of not finishing.