come visit Dublin, Ireland!

Come see many attractions

such as the Dublin zoo, Or the national museum of Ireland. Ireland has many attractions that will surely make your vacation a wonderful experience. Not to mention the luscious green forests around the island.

some of the most popular attractions

Tour of Ireland in HD ( from "Celtic Heart")

Irish Culture


the Irish eat three times a day as do many other cultures. The main meal of the day takes place in the evening. when possible families sit down together for supper. Sunday dinners with extended family is a common tradition. Table manners are important, and guests are expected not to make a mess while eating

traditional Irish dishes are rich and hearty. in addition to Irish cuisine European dishes are popular, many types of restaurants such as U.S. fast food are found in Ireland.

greetings and gestures

The Irish may shake hands when being introduced or when greeting a friend or associate. English phrases such as "hello" and "how are you" are used throughout the country. A typical Irish language saying is "dia dhuit" (god to you) A common farewell is "slan agus beannacht" (safe and blessed)


buses are the most common form of public transportation. government run and private bus companies provide an efficient way to travel between and within cities. taxis are not regulated by the government
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