Donation for Mugae Primary School

We Need You

What is This All About?

GT/Excel is raising money for Mugae Primary School in Kenya, Africa. All the money we raise will be taken by Changing Lenses, Changing Lives; so they can buy books and take them to Kenya.

Each person makes a difference for these kids who need books to learn.

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How Can I Help?

Each of you can help these kids in 3 easy ways:


1. Go on to and purchase a shirt. These money will go to the school.

2.Put money in one of the donation boxes.

3.Go directly to Changing Lenses, Changing Lives website and donate there.

Keep in mind that each shirt costs $20.00

Thank you for all the help.

When Can I Help?

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 7:45am to Tuesday, March 1st, 2:45pm

Right here at our school!