First Grade Diaries

All the news and happenings in First Grade March 2015

What's the Buzz???

The Buzz Word this month is . . .

Being a good sport or a gracious loser.

Our Mindset this month is . . .


Inspire and serve others while maximizing your potential.

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First Grade Birthdays

Happy Birthday Wishes to our MARCH birthday friends:
1st Kendra McCalla
2nd Kaden Gray Atkinson
3rd William Way
7th Lily Ring
8th Bryson Sharkey
10th Siri Bendiksby
10th Jimmy Jenkins
11th Ashton Morrison
13th Libby Burrows
17th Will Kassay
20th Campbell Sykes
22nd Ella Cate Inman
24th Mrs. Crosland
26th Lindsay Phillips
27th Tatum Greenwell
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Mark Your Calendars

MONDAY - FRIDAY MARCH 2nd - 6th - Spirit Week
TUESDAY MARCH 3 - Picture Day
FRIDAY MARCH 13 - Report Cards, Track Out

SCIENCE - Earth Systems, Structures and Processes

1.E.2 Understand the physical properties of Earth materials that make them useful in different ways.
The first graders will summarize the physical properties of Earth materials, including rocks, minerals, soils, and water that make them useful in different ways. They will also compare the properties of soil samples from different places relating their capacity to retain water and to nourish and support the growth of certain plants.

HISTORY - Geography and Environmental Literacy

1.H.1 Understand that history tells a story of how people and events changed society over time.
1.G.2 Understand how humans and the environment interact within the local community.

This quarter the boys and girls will explain how and why neighborhoods and communities
change over time. They will also explain ways people change the environment (planting trees, recycling, cutting down trees, building homes, building streets, etc.). They will explain how people use natural resources in the community and explain how the environment impacts where people live (urban, rural, weather, transportation, etc.).

HEALTH - Nutrition

1.NPA.1 Understand MyPlate as a tool for selecting nutritious foods.
1.NPA.2 Understand the importance of consuming a variety of nutrient dense foods and beverages in moderation.

The first graders will select a variety of foods based on My Plate. They will also be able to contrast more nutrient dense foods from those that are less nutrient dense.
Students will be able to classify the sources of a variety of foods. They will also learn how to select healthy alternatives to foods and beverages that are high in sugar.

Classroom Needs

BARDES/SCHULZ: pencil top erasers, gallon, quart, and sandwich zip lock bags
CARTER: Clorox wipes, spoons, and plates
CROSLAND: treasure box items, gallon and sandwich sized zip lock bags
LEWIS: Lysol wipes and chalk for the blacktop
STEINMILLER: baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, and treasure box items


Thank you in advance for your help! Please:
  • review the first grade supply list and be sure your first grader has all of the supplies they need. We encourage you to help your child check their pencil pouch every weekend. Pencils, crayons, pens, erasers, etc. have a tendency to go MIA and as a reminder, students who do not have the supplies they need will lose two points for being unprepared.
  • check RenWeb regularly to view homework assignments, project due dates, and grades. We are continuing to work on developing responsibility and making our students 100% accountable. First graders may not always have enough time to write their assignments in their Agenda, and/or may not always write assignments correctly. This organizational skill continues to be a work in progress.
  • remember to empty and return the yellow Friday folder every week. The materials in the Friday folder include completed and graded classwork/tests, important school information, and community news.
  • look through your child's green Homework Folder every night. Students are still learning where to place items (Keep vs. Return) and may not always have their homework completed/returned if it was misplaced. As a reminder, students check most homework in class. Once homework has been checked (look for little red dots :) it should be placed on the "Keep" side of the folder.
  • remove items from the homework folder that have been checked and placed on the "Keep" side. Our first graders are struggling to keep up with their assignments and materials with so much in their folders.
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Notes From the Office

  • Please help to support learning time by having your child at school on time. School begins at 8:00 and doors open at 7:35. Students who arrive after carpool has ended will be counted tardy, and will need to be signed in by a parent.

  • In order to prevent the spread of illnesses, please keep children home if they are sick. Students must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.

  • With cooler weather approaching, please check to be sure your child has a sweater or jacket for outdoor recess or PE. It is helpful to label all outerwear items with first and last names.

  • Please have FA carpool tags visible during afternoon dismissal. This will help speed up the carpool line and dismiss students more efficiently

  • Check out FA on FACEBOOK! Visit the FA Facebook page to find out about great things going on at all FA campuses!

  • Make Up Work: Work for students that are absent may be picked up at the end of the school day (3:15). This gives teachers time to collect work from all classes and send to the office. Please understand that work will not be ready for pick up until this time.

  • Field Trips:

    FA has many upcoming field trips that students are looking forward to attending. We certainly appreciate all parent volunteers, since our school depends on parents to assist with transportation to and from these events. In order to avoid confusion and ensure safety for all students/teachers, please review the items below and attached field trip guidelines.

    • Please check with your child's teacher to ensure you have a current background check before chaperoning.
    • All drivers need to have a copy of their driver's license and insurance card on file in the office.
    • We ask that you allow teachers to make group assignments for drivers and chaperones. Please do not make plans for your child to ride with specific drivers.
    • Please notify your child's teacher immediately if you find you are unable to drive so they can make alternate arrangements.
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Second Quarter AR Goals

We are so proud of the first graders who reached their AR goal last quarter!!! We hope they enjoyed their Polar Express Party! Please see below for third quarter goals.
We encourage all students to take AR quizzes and work to reach their goal. Parents can really help by checking to make sure the book your child is reading is an AR title. We also ask that you write down the QUIZ NUMBER in your child's agenda. It is much easier for students to type in the number correctly than the title of the book.

If your child's READING teacher is:
Bardes/Jenkins - 3.0 points
Carter - 3.0 points
Crosland - 3.5 points
Lewis - 4.0 points
Steinmiller - 4.5 points


Parents, please don't forget to check AND sign/initial your child's agenda at the end of each day. Also, as a reminder: a behavior point system chart has been placed in the inside pouch of your child’s agenda. Please refer to this chart if your child has lost any points during the day. Teachers will identify the infraction and the class in which the behavior occurred. The students current point total will also be indicated. At the end of the day the teacher/student will write the point total for the day. Each day is a new day, all students begin each day with 100 points.
Several teachers still have openings for lunch parent help. Please consider volunteering if you are able.

Current Lunch Parents: If you need immediate assistance contact the building office by picking up the phone and dialing one of the following extensions:

FA1- Sharon McDaniel- ext. 113

FA2-Samantha Williams- ext. 202

FA2-Tara Davis- ext. 201


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