Jack Zapf

My opinion of the book is that it was a good fast paced book, and I think the type of person that would like it would be a person that enjoys playing baseball and a person who likes a drama book. I believe the grade levels that should be reading this book are grades 6-12. I think this because in the book there is suicide and language. A summary of the book would be that a high school student, and star closer for his baseball team; Shane Hunter’s dad is arrested for money laundering and kills himself. This has a big effect on Shane because since his dad is not alive, they have to move into a cheap house and a new school. But Shane is doing better until he beans a batter in the head sending him to the hospital. Will Shane get his life back on track? I will compare this book to another book that I read this year, it is called The Captain and in this book a batter gets hit in the head with a baseball and dies so that’s kind of the situation in my book.

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17-year-old Katniss Everdeen has just escaped the hunger games. As the 75th annual Games approach, the capital has decided to have the games with all the winning tributes. Katniss knows she is going to be pulled back into the arena for a second year in a row. She will soon realize she can only be in the games with Peeta, or Haymitch. Katniss must make allies if she is to survive this year. While during her victory tour, she has started an uprising, or riot in District 8. Katniss must keep herself alive, but more importantly, she must keep Peeta alive. Katniss and Peeta need a strategy first and quick. They have no idea where the games will be held, or what the landscape will be like. So Katniss goes to Haymitch to watch old tapes of the tributes and how they played the games with Peeta so they can strategize with how they are going to play this year. This book was a very suspenseful book and took place in the near future. My opinion on this book is that it is very interesting and cool. This book would be best for people in grades 5-8 because it has a lot of violence, and death. So I would only recommend it to people who can handle things like death, and violence.


Tyler Scott

Will, a teenager, is an apprentice of Halt, a ranger. Will is sent on a mission with a battle school apprentice, Horace, and another ranger, Gillian to gather information on the war that is brewing. The evil lord Morgarath wants to take back the kingdom once and for all with his army of Wargals, creatures that are bear like. Will and Horace are caught in a bad situation with a maid’s woman and might not make it out alive. Will the Wargals capture them? Will they make it out alive? Read the book to find out. I loved this book. It was engaging and left me on many cliff hangers. It was action packed and had fight, which I like. Anyone who likes medieval fantasy books would love this book. Other books like it are, Eragon, The Ruins of Gorlan (the first book of the series), and Gregor the Over lander. This book is good for people grades 5-9. This book is fairly violent and has a lot of wars and fighting. This book is very good and I would recommend it to anyone who likes more of a war-like fantasy fiction. I liked it and I hope you will to.

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